Food: 6/10 Drinks: 10/10 Vibes: 5/10

Midwest Foodie: Just had some snicky snacks here but I liked ’em . Had some butternut squash fritters and bone marrow bruschetta that I liked but the rest of the table was lukewarm on. Bone marrow bruschetta…gotta give it to them for creativity. Not my first choice for a great culinary experience, but a cool place to go get a small bite with friends. Can’t give it a thumbs up or thumbs down – going neutral on this one.


West Coast Boozer: HELLLLOOOOO wine bar! The whole point of this place is to loosen up with a drink and it’s just the place to do it. They’re not one dimensional either – some of the best cocktails I’ve had in NOLA. East coast be trippin’, would go here for a drink any (every?) day. Giving this keeper an A!

East Coast Vibes: Meh, nothing to write home about. A good spot to get a drink or a bite but no standout. Feels a bit as though they’re pretending to be the swanky Magazine street option…but the result is all swank and no heart. After a couple drinks could definitely start to think you’ve landed in the after dinner bar at the Greenwich Country club. Also, sit next to the person you want to talk to because across the table hearing will be hard and a person over fuhgettaboutit. They’ve got a nice outdoor lounge area, which is nice for a drink and a bite. I like the place and good times have been had there…just don’t think it’s anything special. 5/10

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