Food: 10/10 Drinks: 8/10 Vibes: 10/10

Midwest foodie: We’d heard rumors about the food at Sylvain and had to check it out for ourselves. The owners are from Wisconsin, so I knew they took their food seriously, especially the protein side of the menu. I ordered the pan-fried pork shoulder over grits with a mustard ju dribbled over the top. The pork fell apart on your fork, and the grits, while a surprising base in this dish, complemented it well. It was a southern twist on a classic dish, and Sylvain executed it to perfection. We also had the scallops and bruschetta, which were on point. The tomatoes and basil on the bruschetta were fresh and tasty, while the scallops proved that Sylvain can keep up with other go-to New Orleans seafood spots. I give the grub two thumbs up!

pork shoulder

West Coast boozer: An old-school bar makes up like half the restaurant so I knew it’d be good. We started off with cocktails and then switched to wine…as one does! Two of us got the “monkey hour” and midwest man had to go with the sazerac.  I didn’t love the cocktail tbh but I hear the sazerac was tasty. Good or no, these drinks were stiff! The waiter recommended a wine that went absolutely perfectly with our dishes – a nice, dry white by le French called Pouilly-Fume. It tickled my masseter muscle with its tart, crisp finish. Went great with the scallops! I’d give Sylvain a B+ for drinks.

East Coast Vibes: Ten outta ten for this place. The restaurant’s in a sweet old nook in a quieter part of the French Quarter. inside is pretty cozy with very dim light (*read date spot) and they’ve got a sweet courtyard tucked behind it as well. You’re right up next to the other tables in one of those communal let’s all love on this place together ways and you’ll be down to join in until your food coma, wine lull and romantic vibes send you home. Got there at 7:30 left at 10:30, just sayin….10/10

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