The Grocery

Food: 9/10 Drinks: 5/10 Vibes: 8/10

Midwest foodie: The menu is simple, the food is great, there aren’t any real surprises. These three things make The Grocery a local staple for lunch. I had a pressed Creole Corned Beef po boy, which takes everything great about a po boy but removes the air from the bread so the sandwich centers on what is most important: what goes between the French bread. Lots of flavor in my sandwich, and tasty sounding options throughout the menu. Can’t wait to go back. Two thumbs up.


West Coast boozer: Let’s just be fair to this place because it is a lunch spot sooooo drinking and heading back to work or school shouldn’t be a priority. They have some beer and even soda/tea options in a gas-station-esque cooler that you can buy to wash down your lunch, but this place is definitely not a must see spot for drinks. C

East Coast vibes: For all the times you’ve wondered what getting an afternoon cold one in the 1950s would be like, the grocery has answered your daydreams. The grocery is a small, retro feeling spot with bright colored metal chairs, an unassuming countertop where you order your food and lots of light. Perfect for a quiet afternoon bite – either as take out or to dine in. Take the St. Charles streetcar there for the full nahleans afternoon delight. 8/10


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