Creole Creamery

Food: 8/10 Drinks: 10/10 Vibes: 9/10

Midwest Foodie: This is definitely the best ice cream shop in town. You might ask why I gave it only an 8/10? The answer is simply that New Orleans ice cream in general is good, not great. The Midwest is the home to truly great ice cream and I think a part of me might die if I gave this place a 10. Innovative sundaes and lots of flavor options make Creole the best option for something sweet to cool you down from a normal, sweltering NOLA day. One thumb up.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Sundae

West Coast Boozer: Even though there’s no alcohol, you can still get your drink on at Creole! And by drink, I mean milkshake!! I had a really great butterscotch toffee malt topped with whipped cream…yummmmmmy. You can make a milkshake or malt out of any of their 40 or so flavors. Perfect for a study break or a little two straw action with your sweetie. A

East Coast Vibes: Shoobopdoowopdowoobe!  1950s ice cream paradise where the ice cream servers are all but wearing the oldschool white cap and the booths are just waiting for kids going steady to share a milkshake. There’s always a hubbub of small kids, daters, families or dairy fans and they are not stingy about taste testing. 9/10

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