Humble Bagel

Food: 9.5/10 Drinks: 10/10 Vibes: 9/10

Midwest Foodie: Exactly how the name sounds. Humble bagel found their niche and is the top spot for bagels in NOLA. Fresh baked bagels with a few options for spreads and add-ons, including eggs and lox. We had a cinnamon raisin bagel with lox and all the fixins along with a honey wheat everything bagel with sundried tomato spread with tomatoes and grilled onions. Woah that was a mouthful but hey it was scrumptious and cured my Sunday morning hangover so I want to do it justice. Two thumbs up.

Bagels and mason jar iced coffee

West Coast Boozer: Wow last night was insane. I had three too many flaming Dr. Peppers at Goldmine and needed something to ice my headache. Hello cute little iced coffees in a mason jar that you get to take home with you! Strong coffee plus a souvenir? I’m sold! A+

East Coast Vibes: As a native New Yorker my bagel place standards are high and this place went above and beyond. (I’m contractually obligated to not talk about food but ohemgee the bagels and shmeah). It’s a sunny, no frills bagel haven for the hungover crowd – the perfect spot to ride out the nausea, gab about your friend’s tinder date and recharge. I know some people who swear this place gets them through med school…9/10


Humble Bagel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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