Food: 10/10 Drinks: ? Vibes: 9/10

Midwest Foodie: This is the best brunch I’ve ever had…in any city. I know that’s a high mark but let me tell you, when you combine pork tenderloin, homemade biscuits, mushrooms, and fried eggs, you have my heart. The blue crab omelet was to die for as well. I’m not kidding, this brunch snapped me right out of a Sunday morning slump and made me happier than a Packer fan at Lambeau (GO PACK GO!) Two thumbs up.

Pork Tenderloin

West coast Boozer: Okay, I didn’t partake due to a looming heme/onc test buuuuut a quick look at the cocktail list made me suffer from a major case of FOMO. The cocktails look beautiful, inventive and alcoholic. Can’t wait to get my sips in here!

 East Coast Vibes: Love! Named for the first settlement in Louisiana the restaurant rocks fine dining with an almost spooky vibe. With x-rayed flowers on the walls and old school ship themes throughout this place is packed with character and feels super special. It’s not the first place I’d take an out of towner (there are just so many great spots in this town) but a great date spot – show off your city’s cool and your own for choosing this spot! A-


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