Camellia Grill

Food: 9/10 Drinks: 9/10 Vibes: 10/10

Midwest Foodie: Can I just start by recommending their house omelet with ham, bacon, three cheeses, and topped with chili!?! Holy cow what a gutbomb that has me sheepishly begging for more. Fair prices and 24-hour superb breakfast and lunch fare make Camellia Grill a common stop to clear the studying blues. Two thumbs up.

house omlete: ham, cheese, chili, bacon

West Coast Boozer: Coffee and milkshakes! Treat that morning hangover with a milkshake and a cup of coffee that is ohemmgeee good.

East Coast Vibes: Diner heaven! Fifties feels for milkshake dates and vintage breakfast time. Established in 1946, it’s literally a landmark (no, literally!) and you feel it as soon as you walk in. There’s only counter seating so a large group might be tricky. But heading there with a couple buds or your main squeeze will be a classic delight guaranteed! A


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