Liberty Cheesesteaks

Food: 7/10 Drinks: N/a Vibes: B

Midwest Foodie: Cheesesteaks are an absolutely genius invention and I’d heard great things about Liberty. I would say it mostly lived up to expectations. The taste was great and I love the cheese whiz, but the price was a little steep for the size of the sandwich. Shoutout to the boys working behind the counter though, they made the place feel like I really was in Philly. For all the buzz surrounding it, I was a little let down. But for a Philly cheesesteak spot in NOLA? I’ll take it. Nothing up, nothing down, I’m just content.


Cheese Whiz

West Coast Boozer: soda machine and water…enjoy the sub! N/A

East Coast Vibes: Very much an unassuming hole in the wall that pumps out big boy eats. Seems mostly made for a grab and go situation but there are some high top tables if you prefer to grub there. If your’e a cheesesteak kind of person I could see this place becoming your secret little mecca…otherwise it’s just a cool little sandwich spot. B


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