Trolley Stop Cafe

Food: 9/10 Drinks: 7/10 Vibes: 10/10

Midwest Foodie: I know, I give a lot of high scores but food is a religion here in NOLA and you have to try to find a bad meal! Trolley stop is a staple drunk food or hungover breakfast spot for us and it deserves its rightful place both in our blog and in our hearts. Go for the banana pancakes and tip the staff well, they deserve it. One thumb up. 

mmmm pancakes

West Coast Boozer: “Ummm, could I get a champagne and orange juice please?” “You mean a mimosa?” “Uh, yeah…” Ok, not my brightest moment but my shoes were a little full at that very moment if ya know what I mean. For real though if you’re here and need/want another drink, they’ll hook you up with a stiff ‘mimosa’ or whatever you’re feeling. I even scored a free bottle of vodka off a friendly gentleman to celebrate our Midwest foodie’s birthday. Southern hospitality at its finest! B

East Coast Vibes: Lol I can’t review this place on account of intoxication levels and time of day (see you soon sun). But if your night is winding up and you would just love a pancake or twenty this place is the best. Have ended quite a few post test nights on the town here…wouldn’t recommend for a daylight/normal feeding situation. But seems others know our 3am secret- always packed! A+


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