La Petit Grocery

Food: 9.5/10 Drinks: 9/10 Vibes: 9/10

 Midwest Foodie: Wow wow wow. Great meal from start to finish! La Petite is a little pricey for a med student’s budget, but hey, my aunt was treating us tonight (thanks Juju!). We started with the best grilled octopus we’d ever tasted and some blue crab beignets. Yum! As entrees we had succulent lamb chops and fresh fish that was on special. Not the biggest portions in the world, but this was some of the best tasting food I’ve had in New Orleans. Two thumbs up.

lamb chops


West Coast Boozer: Uhhhhh what did I eat for dinner again? Jk but for realz I loved drinking here. The wine was crisp, the beer was cold, the sazarac kicked ass, and oh the aperitif port wine was plentiful! We didn’t have cocktails but the couple seemingly on a first date next to us did and they looked tastyyyy! A-

East Coast Boozer: La Petite Grocery is an absolute treat. It’s casually upscale with no pretenses and delivers great food and great service with no surprises or gimmicks. Great spot to take a date or a parent or to take anyone you want to linger post dinner to discuss life, love, humanity, and those amazing crab beignets. A-


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