Hi Volt

Food: 9/10 Drinks: 9.5/10 Vibes: 8/10

Midwest Foodie: They have muffins the size of your face! This place has the best café food I think I’ve ever seen. We haven’t had anything off their hot menu but it looks delicious. Only downside is it is quite expensive in comparison to other New Orleans coffee shops, so its not a place we study often. You definitely need the strong coffee to ward off the sleepy feelings you’ll get after eating one of their muffins! One thumb up.

Size-of-face muffins

 West Coast Boozer: So no booze but they have great coffee and just fabulous shakes and coffee drinks. I got a caffeine loaded banana chocolate smoothie that ‘volted’ me through a tough day of studying. Strong coffee and yummy drinks? Yes please!! A-

East Coast Vibes: It’s light and loud! If you are trying to study not ideal just because it’s a small place and the nosie tends to bounce around and build up pretty quickly. That said for a friend date, place to read the paper or if you have those ever coveted noise cancelling headphones this place has a great energy. Also like…those muffins…B+


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