Rue de la Course

Food: 7/10 Drinks: 6/10 Vibes: 10/10

Midwest Foodie: Doesn’t have a full menu but has some decent breads and muffins. Really like their zucchini bread although it is quite small. I would not come here for the food, but its serviceable if you need a bite while studying or gossiping. One thumb down.

 West Coast Boozer: Standard coffee, tea options for a café. They pass my initial café test by serving the coffee in an actual mug – hello let’s save the planet am I right?! But actually it just tastes better from a mug too… nothing special, nothing bad B

 East Coast Vibes: As you can see from my Midwest and West Coast compatriots’ reviews, the food and drink aren’t luring in the students and caffeine hounds. It’s the space – it’s absolutely beautiful. Big and cavernous converted old bank the space is roomy and quiet, sunny and warm. It has an upstairs for those craving privacy and classical music to set everyone at ease. A


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