Blue Oak BBQ

Food: 9/10 Drinks: TBD Vibes: 10/10

Midwest Foodie: Believe it or not, its hard to come by *great BBQ in New Orleans. This place is a New Orleans 9/10 for sure. I had the ribs and brisket and thought they were pretty good. The sides are what really elevates this place. The Brussels sprouts are divine and the mac n cheese is top notch! 9/10

West Coast Boozer: Ah sorry TBD! I was too hungover to order anything… they’ve got a full bar though and boast a menu with cocktails and beers so I promise to go back and try!

East Coast Vibes: Great spot without being uniquely New Orleans. If you live in New Orleans definitely a great spot for a lingering barbecue lunch though if you’re visiting there are cooler places that feel more New Orleansy (See the joint). You can sit either outside, which is cool enough is a nice sprawling patio, or inside to watch football on the many TVs around. The main attraction here is the food though and the inside doesn’t detract but doesn’t add a whole lot either. 6/10


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