Breads on Oak

Food: 7/10 Drinks: 5/10 Vibes: 8/10

Midwest Foodie: Only had a few pastries here so I might have a hard time describing it in full. The selection is top notch and more varied than your typical coffee shop. I have enjoyed my pastries from here but didn’t think they were anything to write home about. 7/10

West Coast Boozer: Though known in our cohort as a potential study spot this place actually also provides a small selection of organic wines and beer including mimosas with freshly squeezed OJ! TBH I didn’t think their coffee drinks were all that wonderful – but the wine was tasty and it’s a sweet little spot to enjoy it in. 5/10

East Coast Vibes: At the risk of sounding somewhere between OCD and annoying as hell this place got serious demerits for their mug collection. Any coffee shop should know that a big round mug that could pass for a bowl is key! Despite falling short on their mug collection however, the place itself is adorably sweet and on a really nice un-collegey part of Carollton/Uptown. They make the bread right there in the sunny café and have an outdoor patio in the back as well so sun and good smells fill up the charming corner café. Not a whole lot table space if you’re looking to park and study for the day but a good visit for lunch with a friend or breakfast with a book. 8/10


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