Cafe Luna

Food: 6/10 Drinks: n/a Vibes: 10/10

Midwest Foodie: Food here definitely gets me through a long study day. Muffins are good and hearty – tried a red bean muffin that kept me sane and full for hours! Their lunch menu has good amount of options from salads to sandwiches. It’s café food that isn’t terribly exciting but will keep you fed until the end of your studies 6/10

West Coast Boozer: No booze but really great coffee drinks and iced or hot teas! n/a

East Coast Vibes: My go to study spot. In an old house that didn’t change a whole lot except for putting in a coffee bar and some tables for the customers. Dim lighting with big round tables and a group of regulars who seem to all agree to keep the volume down and leave the conversations for the outside patio. And the mugs, oh the mugs – a perfect big round mug collection. 10/10


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