Chill Out Café

Food: 8/10 Drinks: N/A  Vibes: 6/10

Midwest Foodie: Breakfast by day, Thai by night. They somehow make it work at Chill Out Café in the Carrolton area. Haven’t been here for breakfast but I’ve heard good things. Lets focus on the Thai. They make one of the better Pad Thai’s in NOLA and have a very good Pad See Ew as well. If you’re trying to get your Thai on and support a family run business, this is a great place to check out. 8/10

West Coast Boozer: Not the place I’m trying to get my booze on…I don’t think they serve anyways but even if they did really not that kind of spot…n/a

East Coast Vibes: Definitely a cute spot! Good for a very quiet meal on a very quiet, pleasant sunny uptown street. Family run spot that isn’t putting on any airs besides providing good food and a nice calm place to enjoy it in. 6/10


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