Paladar 511

Food: 9.5/10 Drinks: 9/10 Vibes: 20/10

Midwest Foodie: Italian food done right! We had some arancini to start that was very tasty. I never turn down a chance to get my hands on some homemade pasta, and their pappardelle really hit the spot. Noodles were fresh and sauce had just the right blend of spices. We also had one of their delicious pizzas. Loved it but next time I’m trying the pizza with lamb sausage and tzatziki. 9.5/10

West Coast Boozer: Great cocktails and wine list with a staff that knows what to recommend. The place has a sprawling wine collection so if you’re a wino this place is for you. I got rosé because I’m on a real rose kick but my fellow diners got one of their beautiful cocktails and another was told the perfect red for his risotto dish. I hear they’ve got quite the brunch drink situation too…. 9/10*

*Add 2 points if you’re a wino

East Coast Vibes: LOVE this place. Tucked away in the Marigny and my new number one suggestion for people looking for a great spot with character, amazing food and great vibes. The restaurant is set up to more or less resemble a home with an open kitchen and wine cellar on view. The space is super airy and loft life with beautiful banquettes and booths for larger groups and romantic two-tops for the date night crowd. 20/10


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