Square Root

Food: cheese plate: 9/10** Drinks: 10/10  Vibes: 7/10

Midwest Foodie: Only had the cheese plate here so I will withhold my full rating. The cheese plate was top notch though. Lots of tasty options with all the necessary jams and nuts on the side. Will have to come here for a proper meal soon and update! Cheese plate: 9/10

West Coast Boozer: Yaaaaaaaas! The cocktails here are amazing and change constantly. Great wine list but seriously, the cocktails are so great and original. The waitress and her husband make up different drinks using various herbs and surprising additions. As they change their drinks they change the menu – last time I went we picked from a menu of cocktails based off vinyls she and her husband own! 10/10

East Coast Vibes: Great location in lower garden on a corner with a wraparound porch and a cool interior. There seems to be something slightly off or slightly standoffish about the place though. It’s the equivalent of the person in your life with the amazing apartment but you’re not allowed to sit on anything because they don’t want anything disturbed or out of place. That said, I’ve only had good times here with both one on ones and groups…7/10


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