St. Roch Market

Food: 10/10 Drinks: 9/10 Vibes: 10/10

Midwest Foodie: Love the concept and LOVE THE FOOD! Have about 8 different food booths each serving up a different menu. Been here for breakfast and lunch and wow I can’t express how much I adore this place. I’ve heard it said around the hospital that the best cure for a hangover is a St Roch Market breakfast burrito. Just check out the picture below to see how legit the biscuits and gravy are. They have healthy options as well for those of you not working on your dad bod. Most of these booths have also opened brick and mortar restaurants around the city due to their success at St Rochs! 10/10


West Coast Boozer: Really good wine and cocktails! The bar itself is pretty snazzy looking and you can sit at the bar if you’d rather not search for an open table. They’ll bring oysters if you eat the bar too! A few options of each major type of wine (rose, sauvignon, merlot etc) and the cocktails are both attractive looking and delish tasting. Nothing crazy but never disappointed either. 9/10

East Coast Vibes: HOW has this not been reviewed yet?! This is hands down my favorite place for brunch, lunch, dinner in New Orleans (unless you’re feeling the fine dining vibes). It’s New Orleans echo of Seattle’s public market where you choose a booth and bring your food to a table in the center of the big, bright airy space. The hall mirrors the mood- for brunch it was low key and quiet and at night it gets quite a hubbub going. The food, drinks, vibes are all great and I have never left this place not giddy. 10/10


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