The Daily Beet

Food: 8/10 Drinks: 7/10 Vibes: 8/10

Midwest Foodie: Look this place is a 10 if you’re a health nut. For me though, to get a 10, you have to have some quality meat dishes. I do give The Daily Beet credit; I never walk out feeling like my belly is going to burst. I like to come here when I’m feeling bad about my usual unhealthy diet. Order a bowl. You won’t regret it. 8/10

daily beet
Rainbow Bowl

West Coast Boozer: Hello homesickness! Didn’t feel like I was in New Orleans anymore which kind of made me sad but I will leave that for my east coast friend to discuss. A few wines on the menu but the smoothies are amaze and the cold press juices make me reconsider my failed juice cleanses… 7/10

East Coast Vibes: Oh the serenity! Oh the Los Angeles cool! Not sure if the menu is as healthy as the place feels but I’m not sure I particularly care either. This sunlight spot in the CBD is a perfect place to grab lunch after yoga or exercising – it’s the kind of place that makes you feel like you’re making smart life choices. The Daily Beet almost has a spa feel except funkier and cooler and with food that will keep you coming back. 8/10


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